Individual Audits

Customized Solutions — Timely and Successful Outcomes

If you are undergoing an examination (commonly known as an audit), you want attorneys who regularly work with the IRS, understand the process and make the examination as smooth as possible.

Audits may involve income tax, employment tax, estate tax or excise tax matters. The attorneys of Coleman, & Jackson, P.C. work closely with taxpayers and CPAs to develop comprehensive strategies to ensure audits move forward efficiently.

Some taxpayers make the mistake of engaging with IRS agents when audits begin, only to discover their statements have made matters worse. As such, we encourage individuals who have received audit notices to contact us right away. This allows us to assist clients in avoiding problems and maximizing the chances of a successful oucome.

We prepare and present the taxpayers' position throughout the audit to narrow the issues, provide only the documents to which the government is entitled and ensure that all privileges are preserved.

Once you hire us to represent you, we communicate with the IRS. We become your advocate and handle all aspects of the audit, including:

  • Communicate with the IRS
  • Documentation
  • Interviews
  • Administrative hearings