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Experienced Tax Attorneys Handling All Matters Relating to Tax Controversy

Coleman & Jackson, P.C. is a recognized advocate for clients facing IRS actions and proceedings — or wishing to avoid them.


When we represent businesses and individuals in IRS audits, we focus on keeping that audit limited to the original points that have been identified by the IRS. Our most valuable skill set is our ability to think one step ahead of the IRS auditors.

We will work to help you obtain relief from current or threatened IRS collections tactics. In the long run, we will help you restructure your business in order to prevent future problems.

Our tax attorneys are skilled at representing your interests in pretrial negotiations and in trial if your case progresses to that point. This often happens if the tax issues cannot be resolved through an examination (audit) process.

C&J provides customized legal counsel and representation for businesses and individuals interested in avoiding tax problems through careful planning..

Our Attorneys

Kyle Coleman


Robert Jackson